Teams for Saturday Coed Softball Softball

Posted Wed, Apr 17 by Joshua from Buffalo, NY in Leagues to Join / 7 replies

  • Hamburg Co-ed Saturday Softball needs players on Sat, May 4

    Looking for a full team (5 guys, 5 ladies) to join our league and round out our 16 teams.
  • Keith replied Wed, May 22

    I'm interested in joining a team if someone needs an extra player. Let me know.
  • Chelsea replied Thu, May 23

    I would be interested in playing if more girls are needed :) thanks!!
  • DJ replied Thu, May 23

    Hello I am also interested in playing.
  • Terah replied Thu, Jun 6

    I am interested in playing also if anyone needs girls. I play second, short, and third. Let me know.
  • Joshua replied Tue, Apr 26

    You guys should form a team and enter the league!
  • Charlie replied Fri, Apr 14

    Joshua is there a number that I can reach you?
  • kelly replied Sun, Apr 23

    Terah.. did you read? Ths is for Saturdays and Josh atmthe Nike base, you are already playing with me!! I love teasing her. Anyway, Segway , we need a girl for monday and Friday nights if anyone is interested.
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