Hamburg Saturday Coed Softball Softball

Posted Wed, Mar 1 by Joshua from Buffalo, NY in Leagues to Join / 8 replies

  • League Profile: Hamburg Co-ed Saturday Softball

    Looking for full teams (at least 10) to join the Town of Hamburg's Saturday Coed league.
    5 girls, 5 guys
    Saturday nights at the Nike Base
    Double headers every week

    $375 league fees plus umpire fees. Covers field maintenance, lighting, and all equipment (balls, strike mats, team folders, score books, etc).

    No residency requirements (must be at least 18)

    Please do not reply looking to get yourself on a team. The league does not place individual players on teams. There is a Facebook page for the league where you can post interest in joining a team:

    Reply if you have questions about bringing a FULL team into the league.
  • Thomas replied Fri, Mar 24


    Do you still have openings for teams for this summer? if so, when is deadline or is first come first serve till the 10 teams are filled?

    thank you for your time

  • Joshua replied Fri, Mar 24

    Thomas, I still have openings. We don't play until May, so anytime before that would work to get into the league.
  • Joe replied Wed, Apr 12

    My girlfriend and I are looking for a team. How much would it be for each individual player?
  • Joshua replied Wed, Apr 12

    Joe, I'm glad you're interested, but as the post says, I'm looking for full teams. The league does not place individual players on teams. There's a Facebook page for the league. Post there that you're looking for a team. A captain may see that and contact you. Search @saturdaycoed
  • Charlie replied Fri, Apr 14

    Do you still have openings for Saturday co ed ? And is it fast pitch or slow pirch?
  • Charlie replied Fri, Apr 14

    How many total players to I need and how much does it cost
  • Thomas replied Tue, May 30


    is it already too late to submit a full team for coed softball??

    - Thomas
  • Joshua replied Wed, May 31

    If you have a full team, we need to round out the league!
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