Looking to put together coed softball team

Posted Thu, Apr 2 by lisa from Tonawanda, NY in Games and Events / 6 replies

  • Hi all!!

    I'm looking to put a team together for this season.

    So far I have myself (pitcher, 1st, 2nd base)

    and 1 male (center)

    I'm looking for some solid players. I'd love to play at the dugout in lockport and/or the tonawanda league at the expressway diamonds. I'm totally open to playing somwhere else as well. Let me know!
  • Brad replied Mon, Apr 6

    im interested to get on a team I never played softball but played baseball most of my life mostly outfield and 1st base
  • lisa replied Wed, Apr 8

    Looking at playing in Kenmore on Mondays
  • lisa replied Wed, Apr 8

    Got drafted to a team. Sorry won't be putting one together now
  • nick replied Fri, Mar 25

    im interested i havent played too much softball but it looks fun and i can hit pretty well
  • nick replied Fri, Mar 25

    Hey Lisa unfortunately I work on Tues and the only days I can play would be Saturday and Sundays I've played a bit a few years ago I'm normally 1st base or outfield I can sprint a bit but I'm a better hitter
  • Patrick replied Mon, Apr 10

    Im interested let me know what you need me to do
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